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2018 Renovations

The Harvester evolved into a course built upon Iowa's values of hard work, honesty, integrity, and helping one another. Moving forward, our vision is to take something good and enhance every aspect to create a remarkable experience.

Get inside the mind of owner Dickson Jensen:

  JANUARY 21, 2018  

Initial Meeting with Keith Foster


Our goals:


Making an already good golf course great,

  • complete bunker redesign

  • new layout of tee boxes

  • regrassing of the course.

  • select feature enhancements

  • some hole layout changes


Meeting with architect about clubhouse goals...


Take advantage of views and rework clubhouse to be member centered:

  • new locker rooms and lounges including utilizing

  • stunning views of the course!

  • complete interior renovation of clubhouse

  • new kitchen layout plan to service our members

  • completely renovate kitchen and dining area

  • update pro shop

  • redesign basement for purpose of servicing our members

02_keith foster card.jpg
02_mcdonald-sons card.jpg
02_jan 21 - image 1.jpg
02_jan 21 - image 2-crop-u2946.jpg

  MARCH 30, 2018  

03_harvester2-28 2.jpg
03_harvester2-28 3-crop-u3052.jpg

The level of remodeling proposed in the clubhouse will require the interior of the structure to be completely gutted.

Demolition is moving forward on the interior and exterior of the clubhouse. The clubhouse will be a golfer's dream place to hang out. It will be very functional for a pure golf club and visually very pleasing. The final design and drawing to be released very soon.


I hope you will enjoy following the conversion of The Harvester Club from public to private; but more importantly, from very good to great.






The interest we have received for membership information has been remarkable. We encourage anyone who is sincerely interested to inquire about membership. Golfing always has been the priority of The Harvester and will continue to be our only focus.


We are creating a pure golf club. The process to select our membership is underway. The steps include the following:


  1. Establishing a list of potential members through personal relationships, inquiries from those who love the game of golf, and through other means of connecting with individuals who understand and appreciate great golf.

  2. Personal and mass communication with potential members informing them of the progress at The Harvester. Through this process we hope to form a relationship with potential members before narrowing down candidates.

  3. Membership bylaws and rules are in development. 

How the club will operate and function is in the process of being established. Once complete, membership candidates will be informed.

As part of our extensive remodeling plan for the clubhouse, parts of the exterior of the structure are being demolished.

03_exterior3-29 1-crop-u3240.jpg
03_harvesterbefore 1-crop-u3027.jpg


03_harvesterbefore 4-crop-u3007.jpg


03_harvester2-28 5.jpg
03_harvester2-28 1.jpg


03_harvester2-28 4.jpg




  APRIL 27, 2018  


The selective demolition of the clubhouse continues on schedule. The exterior has been stripped down while the architects continue work to finalize the design of the new clubhouse.


Work has also begun on the course with a visit from Keith Foster to oversee the beginning stages of the renovation. Ground work has begun on the front 9.


Red shows the extent of demolition to the clubhouse in preparation of the redesign.


Dickson (Owner) and Joel (Golf Superintendent) meeting with Keith Foster (Golf Course Designer)


Different sands being tested on-site.


Demolition of the course has begun (Holes 5 & 6 pictured).

  MAY 30, 2018  


Panoramic view of construction behind the clubhouse.

Construction continues on the front 9. Weekly on-site consultations with Keith Foster directs the renovations while holes throughout are at different stages of construction. Renovations include new and restructured bunkers; resized and reshaped greens; and shifting tee boxes. Below shows some of the reconstruction on holes 1 and 3.


As the demo work on the clubhouse wraps up, design work continues. Elements are being finalized to prepare to order materials for the exterior construction to begin. Structural work to support the new design is underway.


Construction on Hole 1.

05_1 green-crop-u3766.jpg

Hole 1 Before

Hole 1 After

05_img_3569 edit-crop-u3914.jpg

Construction on Hole 3.

  JUNE 26, 2018  

During the video you are able to see the irrigation work being done to increase the green size as well as raise the fairway height and reworking of the green side bunkers.

Over the last three weeks the crew has nearly completed holes one through six. Most recently, the first six holes have been resodded and reseeded. The construction remains focused on the front nine as the McDonald and Sons crew continues to work on reconstructing tees, fairways, greens and bunkers on holes seven through nine. In many pictures you are able to see that the greens are being formed with straight edges, appearing to look more like a rectangle. This look is parallel to the 1900’s Golden Age of Architecture. We anticipate the front nine to be completed by July 4th. Below you can watch a quick drone video to see the current state of holes two through five.


With the demolition of the clubhouse being complete we have begun framing the interior. As for the exterior, concrete block is being laid to support the brick and stone. Panoramic windows are being selected to allow for natural sunlight and extraordinary views of the course.

06_hole 2-crop-u4016.jpg
06_hole 4-crop-u4050.jpg
06_hole 3-crop-u4033.jpg

Designer, Keith Foster has two scheduled on-site meetings over the next two weeks. During those meetings he will confirm the work done on holes seven through nine as well as discuss the next steps for the course remodel. Following the completion of the front nine the crew will begin to reconstruct holes eighteen and ten. The clubhouse will continue to be framed along with setting windows, building the interior walls, laying the exterior brick while also adjusting the elevations of the roof.

06_pic 4-crop-u4133.jpg
06_pic 1.jpg
06_pic 2-crop-u4099.jpg

Natural flowing areas of bent grass lead you from the previous green and tie into the next tee box. This is a inspiration from 1900s Golden Age of Architecture. This has been seeded with a better version of bent grass, to fight through droughts, extreme heat, and wet conditions.

06_pic 3-crop-u4116.jpg

The approach shot on this hole will utilize an epic 1900's church pew bunker that guards the right side of the hole where many big hitters try to take advantage of the short hole.

  JULY 19, 2018  

Why change the #1 golf course in Iowa?


The Harvester Club aims not only to be the best course in the state of Iowa, but to be a prominent club that can inspire all generations of golf to see the beauty of the game. We hope that by improving the best golf course in the state of Iowa from very good to great attracts members to desire to become a part of The Harvester


What will the renovations look like?


The Harvester will not have a complete new look, however, the renovations will yield a much more sustainable product. A new, more efficient strain of 007 bentgrass in the fairways provide several long lasting benefits. The grass will require less chemical upkeep, withstand against dry seasons, and be stronger against extreme heat. Newly placed flat bottom bunkers will allow for steep faces while the new sand provides the ability for a more consistent shot in the various bunkers. The fairway bunkers have been adjusted to today’s modern length. The tee boxes are better aligned for their specific hole; some holes have been lengthened with the advancement of golf club technology. A refreshed irrigation system will allow for quality water maintenance on every hole. The new irrigation system will provide great quality and consistent grass.

  SEPTEMBER 7, 2018  

The par 3 14th at The Harvester Club has been completely transformed. An excellent par 3 that boasts newly placed bunkers with a green sloped back to front. With all new tee boxes and with the new resized and reshaped green, the 14thhole at The Harvester Club now plays 152 yards from the championship tees & only 121 yards from the member’s tees.


This hole has become the ultimate “Short” hole. Many great architects from the Golden era believed that every golf course should have a “Short” hole to test a player’s short iron and putting skills. Many “Short” holes are the most picturesque holes on the golf course.


Once completed, the 14th at The Harvester Club will be regarded as one of the best “Short” holes in the country. This “Short” hole like many of the other great “Short” holes in the country has a dramatic backdrop and a gentle elevation change that enhances the hole. Consistent with other great “Short” holes, the 14th has a large, elevated green with a slight sideways thumbprint indentation on the putting surface to create wonderful pin locations and demand precise shot making.


The elevated green is protected by deep bunkers in part of the front, both sides, and much of the back making it difficult to get up and down on shots that do not find the putting surface. We believe you will find the 14that The Harvester Club not only visually satisfying, strategically challenging, and perhaps as enjoyable of a golf hole as you will ever play.


Hole 14 Before


Construction on Hole 14

  SEPTEMBER 14, 2018  


Hole 7 at The Harvester Club

Drone flyover of completed Hole 7.

Time-lapse of construction.


Hole 7 Before


Hole 7 After


Hole 7 Before


Hole 7 After

After the scorable opening 6 holes, the 7th starts a difficult stretch of golf. The 7th is an uphill, dogleg right par 4 that sweeps gracefully with the land. A perched green awaits with bunkers protecting both the left and right sides of the green and a false front to push away shots that come up short. One of the most unique things about this hole is the access from the 6th green to the 7th tee and the exiting of the 7th green to the 8th tee. The tee to green relationship is exceptional and allows players to get a great feel for the golf course.


A major change on the 7th hole to allow for better playability was bringing in over 7 feet of dirt fill to most of the fairway to cover the cart path that originally came across the fairway. The fill was brought all the way up to the green to lessen the severity of the false front that protects the front of the green. The green has also increased in size by almost double to allow for more pin-able area. The 7th hole at The Harvester Club will catch your eye as a beautiful, strong par 4 that rewards great shots and fairly punishes poor shots.


Hole 7 Before


Hole 7 After

  SEPTEMBER 28, 2018  

Hole 5

Aerial of Hole 5 & 6

Hole 6

10_gopr0261 800x600.jpg
10_gopr0264 800x600-1.jpg
10_gopr0263 800x600.jpg

The 5th and 6th holes at The Harvester Club are placed masterfully on a beautiful piece of land. The 5th rises gradually up the hill with new excellent fairway bunkers requiring precision off the tee to access the green which has been slightly decreased in size. The 6th hole runs parallel to the 5th, however comes back down the hill providing stunning views of Lake Harvester and the clubhouse. A major change on the 5th and 6th holes is the massive dirt work that was done to create a fairway that stretches across both holes. This will provide relief if you miss either tee shot to the right.

10_gopr0275 800x600.jpg
10_gopr0269 800x600.jpg
10_gopr0264 800x600.jpg

  OCTOBER 10, 2018  

Great Hazard

Hole 15 - Great Hazard Part 1

Hole 15 - Great Hazard Part 2

A picture is worth a thousand words.


Hole 15 Before


Hole 15 After


Hole 15 After


Hole 15 Before


Hole 15 After


Hole 15 After

Only two holes remain at The Harvester Club...pray for dry weather.

  OCTOBER 26, 2018  

Hole 8

As the leaves begin to change, The Harvester Club renovations are beginning to finish up. Grass is growing in very well and the improvements are magnificent! Holes 8 and 9 feature well placed tee boxes, newly shaped bunkers, and terrific green surrounds to allow for a tough finishing stretch of the front 9.

12_gopr0412 crop.jpg
12_gopr0414 crop.jpg
12_gopr0410 crop.jpg
12_gopr0405 crop.jpg
12_gopr0409 crop.jpg

Hole 9

  DECEMBER 12, 2018  

Finishing Under the Lights


The renovations on the course at The Harvester Club have finished up as our relentless maintenance staff laid the final stretches of sod underneath the lights. The course goes into the winter at 95% completion with only two areas left to finish in the early spring; the range and the cart paths. Both areas have been started and the foundation is laid for completion of these items.


The clubhouse exterior has been completely enclosed and many subcontractors are making their way through the first and second floors to complete their necessary work.


The extensive work that went into this project will be unveiled in the summer of 2019 and we cannot be more excited to showcase the amazing work led by Keith Foster along with countless hours from the MacDonald and Sons team and the Harvester maintenance staff. Please enjoy some images of the completed work below. . .


Hole 2

13_hole4 bunkers02.jpg

Hole 4

13_hole5 01.jpg

Hole 5

13_hole7 01.jpg

Hole 7

13_hole2 churchpew01.jpg

Hole 2

13_hole4 green bunker01.jpg

Hole 4

13_hole6 green.jpg

Hole 6


Hole 14

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